Embrace this new season with optimism! Relish the energy of renewal and the sense of opportunity. Sankalpa is the seed we sow in our conscious mind. Once it is sown, we nurture it daily it until it takes root in our subconscious.  Discovering your Sankalpa will help you live out your life’s purpose. Like cultivating a plant, it takes time and patience to grow and blossom.

The word itself means determination, conviction and resolve. But it is not about achieving a certain thing in a time frame.  Sankalpa is broader and more encompassing than that. It is a steady, internal energetic shift that changes you. Be clear about what you desire and keep an open mind about outcomes sustain effort and faith. However, once you make a decision the whole world conspires to make it happen. Your intention will empower your life, manifesting itself in abundant ways. Make it heartful and wise, beautiful and kind.

Sankalpa is a simple but specific intention, usually a spiritual resolve. It is a blank canvas from which everything starts. Kalpa means imagination of the mind, idea or creation.  Life is an art form and you are the creator. Bring awareness and attention to your art. Everything depends on your motivation and intention.  What you tell yourself reflects where you are coming from. It begins as a desire. You are that deep driving desire. As is your desire, so is your intention. As is your intention, so is your will.  Then your thought manifests as the word. The word manifests as the deed. The deed develops into habit. Then the habit hardens into character. So it becomes your destiny.

Plant the seed in your imagination. Visualize the seed as the earth presses up against it, caressing it. It draws the earth into itself. The soil offering its minerals to the seed.  Seed and soil flowing into one another. Moisture pierces the seed’s green skin, much to its joy.  The sun bakes through the soil and heats the love inside our seed.  Who is in charge here? Is the outside world invading the world inside the seed? It’s all coming together-upside down and inside out. The seed can be looked at in and of itself or it can be seen as a point in a process. Where does one thing end and another begin? You are down in the soil where thoughts grow, arise, and die away. The foundation and the source are giving rise to ten thousand things, the whole manifest universe.

Learn to have faith in and outside of yourself.  There is a perfect home for everything inside of you. And inside of you, there is a perfect home for everything outside of you. Just let it go, and let it in.  In and out, like the breath. Things flow into each other and back to themselves, gaining the themselves through the other and the other through themselves.  It’s natural. Everything falls into its proper place after spending some time apart.  We just fit together and it’s perfect. Your fulfillment gradually manifests as seeds that fit perfectly with your surroundings.  As our environment cultivates us, we cultivate our environment. Broker the exchange between the two, to manifest the interpenetration of inside and outside of self and other. All you have to do is dissolve in activity, in relationship with your surroundings.  So the inner world can flow out and the outer world can arrive within. There is a natural balance, a dance between embracing and releasing. You turn your surroundings into yourself. The life in flowers and the life in you are the same. You are two halves of the same experience. The flowers that take root within you and blossom are not fundamentally separate. They are within each other and occupy one cosmos together. We are never more than a breath away from the home we share with the entire universe.

Begin by letting go of expectations. You cannot receive until you create some space in your life for to make room for the new. Create freedom in the home, body, and mind. Have a clear view of what spirit is calling for and faith in the abundance of the universe. Inside this sacred space you can develop faith that will be provided for. You are more powerful than you know and can call in the wonderful when you learn to let go. Make space for Sankalpa to enter.  Then ask yourself what you need to focus on? Say, “I am open to change; I nurture my wellbeing; I do work that makes my heart sing.” Keep the wording simple and in the present tense. Plant your Sankalpa firmly by bringing it to mind frequently and repeating it often. When the conscious mind relaxes, our subconscious becomes more open to whatever we want to impress on it. Relinquish your desire for control and live the miraculous life that you were born to lead.