Where to start my practice? How can I give my life meaning? What is my purpose? You don’t have to give up what is good in your life. There is no goal in yoga but instead a process of exploration. Along the way you may discover your true nature which is always there. Become what you are already. Live in harmony with life and the Now. Begin where you are. Take an honest look at self. Practice self -observation without judgement. What are some of my obstacles to a life of fulfilment? Which direction can I take?

For yogis, the path is Dharma. Literally translated from the Sanskrit, it means that which supports or upholds. It is the teachings, truth and doctrine of those wise and learned minds that we follow on the path to enlightenment. Practicing the Dharma heals, alleviates and restores. Living one’s life more deeply is the meaning of Dharma. You must get to know yourself deeply and become more familiar with who you are. Look into the contents of your life. To do this you must discern your strengths and shortcomings.  Everything that happens is part of the path.

As practitioners, we tread the path with care. This translates into living an authentic life committed to a caring and ethically virtuous Dharma practice. By simply being on the spot, your life can become workable and wonderful. By being still and relaxing into this moment, you can connect with the fundamental notion of the basic goodness in yourself. Be willing to open yourself up and rediscover your tenderness. This kind of gentleness gives you an appreciation of yourself and the world around. It is essential to tune into genuine reality and your place on earth without any preconceptions or expectations.

Our life is an endless journey; it is like a broad highway that extends infinitely into the distance. Our travel consists of constant ups and downs, hope and fear. But it is a good one. Practice allows us to experience all the textures of the roadway.

It takes perseverance and skillful means to ride the highs and lows of life. Yoga practitioners stabilize the mind and develop the qualities of faith, energy, wisdom, and awareness. Often, expectations prevent us from connecting to the present moment as it is because of our mind is fixed on how we want or imagine it to be. But unshakeable faith develops as wisdom increases and suffering lessens.  When your understanding of the true nature of things grows, life will change your values. Through this awareness, you will practice more and do well in life. With just the right effort and a willingness to show up for whatever arises in the body, mind or environment, you will cultivate the conditions for insight, tranquility, clarity, confidence and effortless energy.

All of us have abundant opportunities to experience life in this way at this very moment. Then why is it so difficult to open the treasure trove within us? We think of “nirvana” as something beautiful and unattainable, different from our own life. But understand that it is right here, right now. How is this possible? What is blocking us from the realizing what is right in front of us? This is your life. Just be! Just do it! Wake up to the awareness of there is no separation between nirvana and your life. Appreciate your wonderful life! Enjoy the world of just this. You are the only one keeping you from this divine life. That is your practice.

Don’t search for other worlds or distant lands. It’s not the pilgrimage that is our undoing, but the thought that we will get something out of it. Become a pilgrim with no hope of finding anything. Who knows what will come of you. Approach it with the right spirit and clear -eyed attention. The Buddha himself found what he had to see by sitting still, but even he had to travel to get to that point, to see through the other roads that would lead to nowhere. The journey is perpetual. Keep striving with diligence. In one sense we are always traveling.  But in another, we have already arrived. The lives of each of us, is a journey toward where we have been all along. Wake up to the truth of what you have been carrying with you at every moment.