Elisha Jachetti, Certified Personal Trainer

Yoga itself stands alone as a great practice for the body and mind, healing both physical and spiritual aches and pains. Yet, it does so much more. Yoga helps develop certain abilities that can be applied in other areas of life. The meditation and focus of yoga may help a person deal with the stresses of life off the mat. While the achieved flexibility and strength of a yogi could aid in other athletic mediums. For instance, many pro-athletes, specifically football players, have begun to practice yoga regularly in order to improve their balance on the field. Dancers also tend to incorporate yoga into their routine as both dancing and yoga require many similar skills.


It makes sense then that someone would think to fuse the two styles of movement together, allowing them to complement and inform one another. Megha-Nancy Buttenheim founded “Let Your Yoga Dance,” which is a yoga class that integrates dance elements to upbeat music from across the world. It focuses on the use of breath and the seven energy centers. The class awakens the soul and is supposed to be for those of any and all backgrounds. Buttenheim is insistent that anyone can dance.


Along the way, Buttenheim began to expand “Let Your Yoga Dance” and created a version for special populations. The idea behind this was to offer therapeutic and healing movement to individuals suffering from Parkinson’s, MS, arthritis, etc., but to also take their minds off their ailments, giving them temporary relief. Buttenheim’s client, Ed Rudman said, “‘Let Your Yoga Dance’ helps lessen my symptoms,” he said, “and best of all, it makes me smile and laugh. People with Parkinson’s don’t smile very much.”


Want to know more? “Let Your Yoga Dance” will be coming to our studio, Hummingbird Yoga, beginning July 26th from 6:00 pm- 7:30 pm. It will repeat every third Saturday of the month. The next class will be August 23th.