The gifts of yoga are all around. Life gives us gifts every moment, continuously overflowing.  If we are mindful, they present themselves to us. When we are awake to the beauty and goodness in the world, life is perfect.  We can live in gratitude for all that we have been given, even the ordinary experiences, and especially the challenges. Taking time to revel in our surroundings and enjoy being alive, gives us an appreciation for where we are in this moment as it is. We can experience the process of yoga as we relax into the pose or life right now and realizing that it is perfect. Remember that the “enchanted place” is where you are, not outside yourself. Practicing contentment (Santosha) is being grateful for what we have and who we are. This is not the same as what we feel when we have everything that we wanted. All those things change. True Santosha comes from understanding what is at the core of our being, the light of awareness, a natural joy, which we all share.

The first step on this path of abundance is to embrace simplicity. If we want to simplify and deepen our lives, we must simplify and deepen our minds.  When we become more centered, clear, spacious and open, there is suddenly much more room in our frenetic lives for both others and ourselves. Find the sacred in the commonplace, and the mystical in the mundane.  We can feel that sense of wonder and amazement.  Living a grateful life creates more abundance, acceptance and appreciation. Sometimes we act out of fear and anxiety. In order to transform fear back to love, we must embrace a way of living that puts gratitude first.

Another gift is simple joy coming from our service to others. No matter what the size of our efforts, the activity of giving and receiving in relationships generates a field of joy. By improving our ability to fully receive, we begin to notice how many gifts are being offered every moment.  Being receptive is a spiritual practice kind of yoga. This understanding is especially important when the gift you want to receive is wisdom or love. Then whatever you give back becomes part of the same dance, the dance of giving and receiving, in which we are all partners. This is a dynamic interaction, essential to the balance of the life.

Blessings are always pouring forth. We are by nature endowed with the qualities of absolute goodness-purest love, compassion, wisdom, and tranquility.  These radiant qualities are intrinsic to our being. Whenever we are ready to notice, we can sense their healing, liberating energy pouring forth right here, right now.  Pay attention to the countless moments of love, kindness and care that surround us each day. Radiant blessings come from us all along.  So many have offered themselves to us quietly, unnoticed and unremarked. Yet we may never have notice the extent of such care and consideration.  So we may never become conscious of how much loving care pervades our world. What happens is remarkable when we are willing to notice it.  It is even more remarkable when we are willing to receive it.  The simple act of accepting a stranger’s wish for our happiness empowers us to experience the world in a completely different way.

To experience the gifts of yoga, we live in possibility of endless wonder and amazement.  We live in hope and surrender to the grace of reality. As we continue to discover who we really are, we relax into this moment of perfection. When you trust in yourself, anything is possible. Believe in miracles and that everything in life, not matter how challenging, is there to point us toward healing and growth. Then life everything in life, not matter how challenging, is there to point us toward healing and growth. Then life becomes a continuous source of reflection, revelation and reconnection.  It is a kind of intimacy that is available to us all the time.  Once we are able to be directly intimate with our life as it arises, joy emerges out of the simplest of life experiences.  We are so close to the moment that we are filled with awe.  It is a buoyant, upward moving feeling of delight, pleasure and appreciation.

In this season of gratitude and giving, let us rejoice in the simplest aspects of life. Give and receive the moment just as it is. Begin to see the world from a new perspective. Practice Santosha and the gifts of yoga unfold before us. Send a wish for others good fortune:

May your happiness and joy increase.

May the joy in your life continue and grow.

May you be successful and met with appreciation.