Mother’s Day! Show reverence for the “Divine Feminine.” May is a time to embrace the feminine aspect of ourselves and our lives. Rejoice in the wonderful privilege of being a woman. Relish the soft power that she possesses as well as her power. Being able to create and bring life into this world and having cycles that align with the moon, is our connection to all of creation. The Divine feminine is a sacred connection to Mother Earth and the energy that gives birth to ideas, expressions and dreams. Honoring her is an act of worship and an understanding of the universe.

People are beginning to listen to their intuition and trust their inner call to speak the truth. “Divine Feminine” lives in both men and women.  We all have masculine and feminine energy within us.  In yoga these energies are known as Shiva and Shakti, Yin and Yang. Feminine energy is rising.  Raise your felt sense of Shakti. It means power, energy or force.  She resides at the base of the spine, known as the root chakra. Coiled up like a small snake, she is waiting to be awakened. Shakti is described as feminine personified as the goddess, Devi. But, at its deepest level, she transcends gender. Yoga’s capacity to expand awareness, strengthen will and attune to extraordinary levels of intuitive knowledge is due to Shakti. She is the innate creativity that is at the heart of all things. She’s the life-force that makes a river flow just as she powers your breath and makes your heart beat. In essence Shakti is in everything and life itself. Awaken Shakti through meditation, breath work or mantra and chakra. Let it unfold naturally, sometimes in deep quiet. But it does take some work. Create the conditions for Spiritual growth. Pay attention to Shakti and her subtle nudges. Lovingly welcome her and become more attune to the flow in your body. She will invite you to let go and open to sensations. Then feel that sense of spaciousness. That is what Shakti feels like. Let this radiant energy move freely and with ease, uninterrupted.  Shakti energy is always present and inherently healing.  She can be a force for transformation.

Qualities of feminine energy include: receiving, listening, allowing, trusting, yielding, truthfulness, loving and passionate, sensitive and even wild and playful. A doorway to strengthening feminine energy is through emotions.

This season we can all celebrate with an open heart, full of love and compassion, appreciation and gratitude for all that the Divine Feminine symbolizes. See opportunities for beauty everywhere and create it whenever you go. Find your sacred place and journey there. It is a healing and nurturing place of deep connection to nature and wisdom. Begin by connecting the soles of the feet to the earth. Feel the loving embrace of mother earth. This is deeply grounding and steadying.  Tapping into the Divine Feminine, this practice of joining bare feet with mother earth is essential to our well-being. In this way your body is a vehicle for this nourishing connection to the earth. Awaken the first and second chakra energy by practicing the following yoga poses:  Mountain, Chair, Cobra, Sphinx, Bow, Lotus, Squat, Frog, Butterfly, Seated Twist, Wide Angle, Warrior Poses, Side Angle, Pyramid, Child, Locust.

Use crystals to heal and balance the body. Rose Quartz and Kunzite are lovely for soothing your emotions. Receive healing by tapping into your sense of smell and its primitive connection to your soul. Dance, play and sing as an expression of self.

Pay attention to where Grandmother Moon is in her cycle. Know where the new moon occurs and how to respond with intention setting, quieting and turning inward.  When the full moon is coming, notice your amplified energy, manifestations of intentions and high vibrations.  Pay more attention to the solstices, equinoxes and eclipses to deepen your connection to the sacred feminine. Create a sacred sanctuary in your home and devote that space to beauty and the practice of presence. Give it texture, color and fragrance that imbue femininity and sensuality. Embrace and honor the tradition of celebrating the feminine.  Let beauty feed your senses.