Gentle All Levels Yoga Flow

Focuses on stretching, balancing and basic poses for improving techniques in strength and breathing. Good for all skill levels and ages. Beneficial use of props. De-stress and refresh. Linking breath and movement.

Energizing/Strengthening Yoga

A bit more challenging than gentle yoga, this class offers students the opportunity to try deeper variations, incorporating some basic flow and intermediate postures.


Try this wonderful blend of a yang flow with yin restorative. This class combines the best of a challenging and meditative, calming experience.  One and a half hours of yoga bliss.

Yoga Focus

Try this unique class that focuses on one individual part of the body each week. Strengthen and stretch your hips, shoulders or spine. In depth exploration into the body.

Vitality Vinyasa

Try this energetic class.  Connect breath to movement while being mindful of your foundation and dristi which create energy in the body.