Take an active role in your journey to healing. Meet Robyn Tiger, MD, PYT, RYT-500.   She integrates traditional medicine with the Eastern science of Yoga.  Dr. Tiger has developed a personalized program specifically for individuals living with, through and beyond cancer.  Preoperative and post operative sessions combine gentle stretching and dynamic movements, relaxing breathing techniques, an calming meditations to achieve optimal health.  This is a scientifically proven strategy that can improve the side effects of cancer diagnosis and treatments.  Some of the benefits include increased range of motion and flexibility as well as strengthened immune system and detoxification of the body.  Yoga improves lymphatic flow, strengthens bones and muscles while calming the nervous system.  This program will decrease fatigue and pain at the same time help one to manage fear and anxiety.  With her therapy one can decrease scar tissue formation and enhance body image.   To learn more go to her website: www.yogaheals4life.com or contact her at 609 560-8843.  Hummingbird Yoga is now open for private appointments in our schedule for Therapeutic Yoga.