Heidi Farber

Heidi Farber is a graduate of the State University of Albany and Long Island University, holding an undergraduate degree in English and a Master’s Degree in Special Education. A few years ago, yoga became a big part of her life and she completed the 200-Hour Kripalu Teacher Certificate. Heidi has been teaching this style of yoga to clients at Hummingbird Yoga NJ for several years.  She finds the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga transformational. She teaches techniques to deal with stress including breathing, poses and meditation. With regular practice, her students also begin to realize the many benefits of yoga. Increased flexibility, strength, and relaxation are but a few reasons they keep coming back. Over time, her clients enjoy an overall sense of well-being. Heidi’s passion for yoga has her continually reaching out to people of all backgrounds who are yearning for a better life.

Laura Germanio

Laura is a graduate of Richard Stockton College twice over.  First for her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology/Fine Arts and then for her Matsters’s Degree in Occupational Therapy.  She is currently working as a licensed therapist with the older adult population, in a sub-acute rehabilitation facility.  Yoga became a growing passion for her when she entered college.  It started as a way to avoid the freshman 15 and later evolved as a way to maintain balance through her hectic schedule.  Laura first  pursued a teaching certification with Melissa Goldstein in 2005 and later refined her teaching skills through a 200-Hour certification under Laurie Greene.  Laura also holds a specialized certification in Yin Yoga and Mat Pilates.  Her background as a therapist lead to classes based on alignment and safety, while mixing in fun variations and smooth flows. She also has completed her Massage Therapy Training and is certified ain all modalities including Tai Yoga Massage.  Through her teaching, Laura is continually exploring the variety and adaptability of yoga to make its therapeutic properties accessible to everyone.  When she is not on her mat, Laura can be found camping, hiking backpacking, gardening, canoeing, scrapbooking, or playing with her two big dogs.

Nancy Deckard

Nancy has been practicing yoga for 13 years and has been teaching TriYoga for 7 years.  Since retiring, after 30 years as a school teacher, she achieved a certification in TriYoga.  She studied at TriYoga Centers in Pennsylvania, and most recently in Santa Cruz, California for intensive teacher training, and has achieved the Yoga Alliance 500 Hour Certification.  She has also studied Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors at Duke University School of Integrative Medicine.  She incorporates breath, asanas, and mudras in a typical class.  TriYoga has systematized Hatha yoga from Basics through 7 Levels, with each level preparing the body for the next.  The gentle, spinal movements and hip opening postures in the Basics Series, bring stretching, relaxation and strength to the physical body, as well as focusing on breathing and concentration techniques to calm the mind, and create quiet within.  Nancy currently teaches classes at the Ocean City Aquatic and Fitness Center and Gilda’s Club of South Jersey.

Karen Cooper

As a yoga student of mine since 2006, Karen Cooper is a welcome addition to our staff at Hummingbird and she is thrilled about it.   In her “outer life,” Karen is a retired English teacher and holds a BS Ed from Temple University and a M.A.T from Marygrove College. She also works with women in recovery.   Karen’s “inner” esoteric studies began when, at the age of 13, she was introduced to the writings of Edgar Cayce. She took formal instruction in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings at The Arcane School (founded by Alice Bailey and Tibetan Master Djwahl Khul) in NYC and in 1998, earned an alternate Master’s degree in Esoteric Studies. She was a close friend of and editor for the late John Berges, author of The Great Invocation: Sacred Vessel of the Mysteries. Karen’s personal mantram is: I build a lighted house and  therein dwell. She is a graduate of The Spirit Moves through You teacher training.  Karen has also completed her Y12SR certification with Nikki Myers.  The  program combines the practical tools of the 12 -step program with the ancient wisdom of yoga.  This model addresses addiction as the physical, mental and spiriual dis-ease that it is.

April Elias

We welcome April Elias-200 RYT,  our latest addition to our yoga team.   April is an eternal optimist who fell in love with yoga many years ago.  Passionate about her practice, she practices meditation and mindfulness daily. She is excited to share her knowledge with others.   For her love of art, she co-founded Absecon Cultural Arts Alliance in 2013, a small group that created art classes, lectures and performing arts events in her husband’s hometown. Her most significant work has been raising her children, and for this she is most grateful.

Her yoga flow is an energetic sequencing that connects each asana with mindful breath and rhythmic movement.  The main objective is to improve strength, flexibility, and balance.  Daily practice promotes a youthful and healthy body supporting a peaceful mind and spirit.

Heather Mulvenna

Heather is a graduate of Kripalu Yoga.  Her practice includes aligning to the rhythms of nature, raising awareness of the5 elements within the world and around.  This exploration through guided meditation, flow of breath, mudras and mantras will deepen your yoga practice.