Heidi Farber, owner of Hummingbird Yoga, kicks off the Om Namaste Challenge. Check out the full video on Facebook.

Did you miss out on the ALS Challenge? Or participated and are now ready for the next one? Hummingbird Yoga NJ is bringing you the OM NAMASTE CHALLENGE. The purpose here is just to spread a moment of peace and goodwill across social media. Everyone is invited to participate.


Here are the rules:


1. Record a video of yourself. Introduce who nominated you and who you are now nominating to do the video next.


2. In the video, begin the challenge by saying “Om” and ending with a “Namaste” blessing.


3. Post the video to social media sites. Be sure to tag the individuals that you are nominating and the studio so that we can see and share your video! Also, hashtag: #HummingbirdYogaNJ and #OmNamasteChallenge.


Remember– you have 24 hours to complete the challenge once you are nominated! This challenge is for everyone-those who practice yoga and even those who do not! Let’s share love and serenity. No money or donation is involved with this.