Elisha Jachetti, Certified Personal Trainer


Remember that time you were attempting to stabilize yourself in triangle pose, but your back foot kept slipping, forcing you to constantly readjust? Or try as you might to push back into downward facing dog, your hands kept inching more and more forward? These unexpected and unplanned obstacles are distracting, but also can be unsafe. Imagine accidentally going deeper into a pose than you intended. Not only do you lose a bit of control, but you put yourself at risk for injury. Coincidentally, there have been various forms of merchandise invented to help circumvent this problem. One of them is a product called Yoga Paws, which hit the market in 2001 and since, has grown in popularity.


The company’s motto for the paws is “The Yoga Mat You Wear.” In other words, the yoga paws can actually replace a mat. They go on the hands and the feet and will keep you stable on any surface, even in the sweatiest conditions. As a result, they are great to pack when you are traveling. They are lightweight, small, and will take up significantly less room than a mat would. This is particularly great for yogis who like to take their practice into nature. The yoga paws will help hold you in your poses on soil, water, rock, grass, and wherever else.


There are many other beneficial uses for yoga paws. They absorb seven times their weight in moisture, so they are the perfect accessory for any classes that make you sweat. They also offer extra cushion and support for the hands and wrists. Therefore, if you tend to suffer from pain in these joints, the yoga paws could potentially help to alleviate the discomfort. They also are great for those who lift weights. As a result, you could get a range of uses from this product. They seem to be worth the investment!


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