Elisha Jachetti, Certified Personal Trainer

We have all been in that situation when we just do not feel like leaving the house, making it more and more tempting not to go to class. Or perhaps, our personal schedule conflicts with the class schedule. The choice then is to either practice yoga at home or not at all. Of course, doing something is always better than nothing, right? Right?!


The answer to this question is complicated. Sedentary behavior leads to health issues. As a result, we are programmed to believe that whatever we can do to stay active throughout the day will keep us fit. Cue the FitBit craze, exercise dvd onset, and the ongoing transportable equipment inventions. However, taking the learned yoga postures and attempting to do them at home is not the safest alternative when getting to class is not an option. Yoga is a very precise practice. The poses are all done in a specific way, so that every inch of the body has correct placement that must be observed. Without an instructor present, there is no way to monitor ourselves, and looking in a mirror would take us out of proper alignment.


If you are suffering from an injury or any kind of pain, then it is even more crucial that you take care as you could exacerbate the issue unintentionally. Glenn Black, a yoga instructor for over 40 years, explains that people “injure themselves in droves because most have underlying physical weaknesses or problems that make serious injury all but inevitable.” Therefore, yoga must be practiced with a knowledgeable instructor that can watch every movement and also, tailor the postures to suit you as an individual. Yet, if you have been practicing for quite some time, your yoga instructor feasibly could discuss and approve a home routine that would be appropriate. In that case, you could have a game plan for when you cannot get to the studio.