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Elisha Jachetti, Certified Personal Trainer

Wanderlust is an event that began in 2009 and has continued to build momentum year after year. It is a celebration of yoga and can now be found in multiple places around North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Chile. Wanderlust has two different formats. One is a multi-day festival that is hosted amongst nature in the countryside.  The other is called, “Yoga in the City,” and has been redesigned to work within an urban setting for one day. At both events, there are yoga classes, yogic performances, lectures and discussions, music performances, workshops, and culinary delights. As the popularity surrounding Wanderlust has grown, so has the organization. Not only has the touring cities expanded, but Wanderlust now has a handful of permanent yoga studios that operate throughout the year. In addition, they also offer a yoga teacher training course.


On June 7th, 2014, Wanderlust is hosting a “Yoga in the City” in Philadelphia. The yoga classes are complimentary and feature some great and well known yogis. At this particular event, Diana and John Vitarelli, who both co-own Dhyana Yoga studios will be there. John Vitarelli is not only a trained chef, but he is also quite a recognizable teacher. He has been featured across various platforms, including multiple yoga videos in the Fitness section of Comcast On Demand. Leyna Schaeffer, owner of Kaya Aerial Yoga Philadelphia, will be a guest as well. She specializes in Aerial and AcroYoga with her partner Harrison Wright. However, what makes Leyna particularly interesting is that her background is in break dancing. As a result, she teaches a Hip Hop Vinyasa that is very unique. Her studio also offers an Aerial Hammock Dance class, as well as a Circus Hour. Kilkenny Tremblay, another established yogi, will bring an entirely different element to the event. While the previous instructors are focused more on the athleticism in yoga, Kilkenny is more interested in using yoga for physical therapy to help recover from injury and to restore balance to the body. Being married to a chiropractor, she focuses on precise alignment in every move.


This is not an event to be missed! For more information on the Wanderlust Festival, check out the website here:


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