Elisha Jachetti, Certified Personal Trainer

Click to watch an Aerial Yoga demonstration. Courtesy of Aerial Yoga UK.

Aerial Yoga, or Anti-Gravity Yoga as it is also called, is a yoga practice during which students are suspended from the ceiling with fabric straps. They are taken through a series of inversions and poses while hanging, allowing for decompression in the spine through traction and deeper stretching. It is inspired by acrobatics, gymnastics, and dance in a similar fashion to AcroYoga. However, unlike AcroYoga, Aerial Yoga is a more individual practice.


As yoga is meant to lead to a spiritual revolution, as well as a physical one, Aerial Yoga does that and then some. There is a large component of this particular practice that forces the student to let go of fear and replace that emotion with trust. Trust in the stability of the ceiling, that it will support the yoga hammocks. Trust in the strength of the yoga hammock, that the fabric will not tear. Finally, trust in yourself, that you are capable to engage in this activity. In addition, introducing new equipment to a yoga regimen will force you to be very present in the moment, aware of the changes and novelty.


Since its conception, Aerial Yoga has soared in popularity. Not only has it expanded the physical possibilities and image of yoga in the fitness world, it has also evolved into an art form. Celebrities, such as Pink, have incorporated Aerial Yoga into their performances on stage, making for a wonderful visual display. Yet, despite this, Aerial Yoga claims to be accessible to people of all fitness levels. While being familiar with traditional yoga is helpful, it is not entirely necessary. According to AntiGravity Fitness and its founder Christopher Harrison, the silk fabric holds up to 1,000 pounds, lending the practice to those of all shapes and sizes. There are a few injuries or conditions though, including pregnancy, glaucoma, irregular heart function, vertigo, and recent surgery that may keep one from being able to do the class.


For more information, check out: http://antigravityfitness.com/